Addeetood of Graddeetood

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My teacher in the 8th grade, Mr Dan Algeo, had a motto – “addeetood of graddeetood” said in the very best proverbial Philadelphia accent. With all the shit going on in the world this motto is a great reminder to see the beauty cuz it’s just too damn easy to belabor the ugly. If you are one of those weary souls that is so bogged down by the muck and mire of the news these days that you cannot find one thing to be grateful for then I suggest you walk around practicing your very best Philadelphia accent and keep on repeating “addeetood of graddeetood” until you can think of something to be grateful for. Wow that was a terrific run-on sentence – 62 words. Now there’s something you can be grateful for !

We recently celebrated Thanksgiving which has become a day when most people force feed their faces into oblivion. This is not the “addeetood of graddeetood” to strive for. I’m talking about seeing the positive in every situation. I know this sounds SO pollyanna especially for little cantankerous old me who critiques every crevice. All I know is that when I’ve been in a grateful state of mind I’ve attracted some really stellar opportunities.

Just try it & see what happens ! I’m certain saying “addeetood of graddeetood” will make Mr Algeo dance in his grave.

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