I'm Mo Fischer and I like to have fun and challenge myself to get the most out of life.

I've had the wind in my sails since I was a youngster so it came as no surprise when as a single woman I lived and worked in Kerala, India setting up 2 low-cost housing projects with Habitat for Humanity International. Then despite being vegetarian I developed a prosperous catering department for a local BBQ restaurant in Los Angeles where I served numerous Hollywood bigwigs. And as my greatest claim to fame, I created a Drag King character where I dressed & performed as a man in NYC and had the time of my life. I even caught the eye of cult filmmaker John Waters who hand picked me for his film Pecker ! Working with my idol John Waters was a dream come true and an unforgettable experience.

Using the motto “instead of being an angry woman, I became a funny man” I developed the character Mo B. Dick, a tough talking, wise guy from Brooklyn. In the creative hotbed of East Village NYC I started the world's first weekly Drag King party called Club Casanova where a thriving Drag King community formed and garnered international press and attention. From there I wrote, produced, co-directed and starred in a Drag King cabaret show that culminated in 3 tours of US and Canada and blew peoples minds as they had never heard of a Drag King. As a result of all this exposure I was fortunate to have been featured in the documentaries Venus Boyz and MTV's Y2K – Drag Kings. I was named one of 28 Drag Kings To Know in the Huffington Post and guest starred in several popular television shows. My greatest challenge that I overcame was proving all the naysayers wrong when they insisted that there were no successful Drag Kings – HA !

Currently my goal is to take this male character into a bigger arena by writing, producing and starring in my own web series where I play both male and female characters. It may be challenging playing both male & female characters but I welcome getting the most out of my life and my acting experiences. I hope you keep in touch so you can tune in to witness my newest challenge in action.


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