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So here is a bit of trivia about me that you may find interesting hopefully not boastful:

– I grew up in a larger than life way in the suburbs of Philadelphia commonly called the Main Line. It’ s so called because (as per wikipedia) “the Main Line of PA Railroad ran northwest from downtown Philadelphia parallel to Lancaster Ave. The railroad connected the Main Line towns in the 19th century. They became home to sprawling country estates belonging to Philadelphia’s wealthiest families, and over the decades became a bastion of “old money”. Today, the Main Line includes some of the wealthiest communities in the country, including Lower Merion Township, Radnor Township, Gladwyne and Villanova.”

– I was raised in a home built in 1911 and designed by famous Philadelphia architect team Furness and Evans called Valley Brook Farm located in Newtown Square. It was once the summer home of the Pew family who made their wealth with the founding of Sun Oil Company.

– My father Louis C. Fischer owned and operated Gino’s fast food restaurant where they exclusively sold Kentucky Fried Chicken. Colonel Sanders was a family friend.

– I kissed the ring of Pope John Paul II during his first papal audience after his assassination attempt in 1981 in Vatican Square.

– I grew up #7 of 10 kids in a family of Irish and German descent.

– My godfather is Gino Marchetti of the Baltimore Colts who played the infamous 1958 NFL Championship game considered the “greatest game ever played”.

– I was front row at Live Aid in Philadelphia in 1985 watching reunions by surviving members of Led Zeppelin, original Black Sabbath, Crosby Stills Nash & Young along with numerous other acts

These are but a few of the fun ways I’ve been able to live life to the fullest

What is trivia about you that we don’t know. Let us know in comments below !

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