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My oldest brother Mark is in need of help these days. In March he lost his job; in June he was diagnosed with cancer. And his wife Meg has been caring for her 95 year old father in their home who recently had a leg amputated so she is unable to earn.

Mark was diagnosed with late stage squamous cell carcinoma cancer in his tongue which metastasized to the lymph nodes in his throat. The chemo and radiation will be so severe, he will be unable to work for a minimum of 6 months. He faces the possibility of losing his ability to swallow, and might lose teeth and part of his jawbone.

My family and I organized a fundraiser on Give Forward website We might not be able to take away Mark’s pain or upcoming challenges, but we CAN take away some of his financial worries, and help provide important resources that he will need in this fight.

Mark would like to put the fun in fundraising with our #StickYourTongueOutAtCancer campaign. Won’t you join us?

Here are the ways you can be apart of it:

1) Please donate $$ to his Give Forward page here:

No amount is too small or too big.

2) If you are unable to donate funds you can:

Join in the fund-raising campaign and invite your friends to participate as well. Here’s how:

– take a picture sticking your tongue out at cancer

– post it on Facebook, Instagram @RallyForMark &Twitter @RallyForMark

– use the hashtag #StickYourTongueOutAtCancer and @RallyForMark

– include the Give Forward link to donate

– help us spread the word by challenging your friends to participate.

3) Send Mark positive thoughts OR prayers OR an email at

Mark has been there for family and friends all of his life. Now it’s our chance to be there for him. So please Rally for Mark in his journey back to health by Sticking Your Tongue Out at Cancer.

Here are the links to use:

Donate To Mark’s Give Forward Campaign:

Friend Mark on Facebook:

Follow Mark on Twitter:

Find Mark on Instagram:

Thank You for your donations, pictures, posts, prayers and positive thoughts!

With love,


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