Green Juices, Zoodles & Rutabaga Mash – oh my !

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Within the past year I was diagnosed with anemia not once but twice. This has been an alarming surprise to me as I’ve touted a healthy diet for years. Following my Dr’s orders I had a colonoscopy which thankfully revealed a healthy colon and no internal bleeding. So how and why the anemia ? I am still undergoing testing so there is not a definitive answer, but the probability of nutritional deficiency due to malabsorption is very high. The likely cause for malabsorption is candida overgrowth. We all have candida but when there is overgrowth, there is infection and a myriad of other ailments. Simply put candida acts as a blocker to my digestive system disallowing proper nutrient absorption.

Ann Boroch in her seminal book The Candida Cure writes at length about the cause and effects of candida overgrowth. In it she states, “Your body has not forgotten how to heal—you just need to create the right environment for a long enough period of time to remove inflammation and infection.” So how does one create the right environment ? Ann lists the foods to eat, the foods to avoid and a healthy meal plan so it’s not a mind boggling mess in the kitchen. This book is invaluable to candida sufferers.

In his book and subsequent documentary In Defense of Food, Michael Pollan answers the question “What should I eat to be healthy?”. His study takes him to a remote village in Tanzania where a local tribe forages berries and root vegetables as their main staples. On occasion they hunt for animals so meat is not a prominent fixture in their diet but fruits and vegetables remain constants. There is little to no disease in comparison to the African-American diet of processed, nutrient deficient foods. The lengthy list of chronic diseases that ail most Americans today are caused by the processed foods we consume. This is where scientists and corporate entities attempts at defending the foods they are creating fail miserably.

With the overwhelming evidence that American’s meat heavy, over-processed diet is fallable at best, we must start our own gardens, shop at local farmer’s markets and demand policies from our politicians that are beneficial to our health and wellness.

Cheers to good health !

Ann Boroch
Michael Pollan
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