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“For the things we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”

– Aristotle

I’ve wanted to create my own acting work for several years now. In an effort to accomplish this goal I developed a salon chez Mo in the hopes of GSD (getting shit done) while encouraging others to do so as well. The salon has since been disbanded not due to lack of desire but inadequacies and time limitations personally stopped me.

Today I am addressing my inadequacies. Some are real and some are just fears (false evidence appearing real). Knowledge is the power that can drown out any fear. In the digital age we have the luxury of knowledge at our fingertips and can have any question answered in a nanosecond. During the ‘salon sessions’, I worked on creating a web series starring my Drag King character Mo B. Dick and female characters that I’d portray as well. The obstacle that I faced was that I had no idea how to go about getting it done. So in my google search on how to create a web series I found the book ‘Byte-Sized Television’ by Ross Brown. I also solicited the advice of my successful writer friend Luke Womick who suggested ‘The TV Writer’s Workbook’ by Ellen Sandler and within a few days these 2 tomes were at my doorstep.

Now I have the great task of reading and applying all of this terrific wisdom. It sounds easier than done hence I have mad respect for talented writers who have the gift of developing an idea to a story to a script form. From what I’ve read that gift is cultivated one sentence at a time and it is a labor of love since most work never sees the light of day. We all can come up with ideas and consider ourselves creative but few actually execute them. It’s the brave, patient and persistent ceators whose ideas become completed projects.

This time I’m not allowing any inadequacies to stop me. Doing a little bit every day will payoff so will a lot of patience !

What perceived inadequacy stops you from achieving your goals or dreams today ?

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