Make It Happen !

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I’m apart of the Thriving Artist Circle that’s led by Dallas Travers who is my creative career coach. The theme she chose for 2016 is “Make It Happen” which I wholeheartedly encourage !

Whatever that “It” means to you I hope you take ownership of your life, dreams, goals, wishes and desires by making them happen. Yeah I know it’s that time of year where we all make promises to ourselves then after 4 days we forget what we promised.

Here are 4 easy ways to make it happen:

1) write down 3 goals you want to make happen this year, just 3. A small manageable list is easy to accomplish. We lose our steam because we try to do too much. Keep it simple.

2) read them out loud to your loved ones, post them on social media, share with friends

3) find support when sharing your goals with others. Perhaps they know of someone who can support your goals or help you think outside the box to make it happen

4) get an objective accountability partner, not your lover, not your spouse, not your best friend, not your co-worker. Find an objective mentor who you can check in with on a weekly or monthly basis for support

These are all suggestions that I subscribe to and which help propel me forward. I look back on 2015 with great pride as I accomplished my set goals with zeal all because I have a terrific support team to help guide and cheer me on !

The 3 goals I look forward to make happen in 2016 are:

1) Complete my actor reel

2) Write a script to shoot a short film

3) Keep up with exercise

I am eager to share the results of these goals in action and as they are completed. One way I can look back and celebrate is through this fun idea from Dallas. Write a letter to your future self and post it on They will email you your letter 1 year from the date you post it. How cool is that ?

Now go on and make it happen !!

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