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11/16/04 – 8/5/16

After living in apartments with rules against having dogs, it’s a treat to own a home to enjoy canine love. Little did I know how much joy Teddy would bring into my life. He was the sweetest, most friendly, loving dog there was. I realize everyone says that about their pet. Teddy was different. He would calm the meanest dog; he would befriend ornery cats; and humans would be in awe of his magical presence. Strangers to us have used his photo as their screen savers to cheer themselves up.

Unfortunately in February 2016 he began bleeding profusely from his nose. After several visits to two different vets and numerous tests taken, they strongly believed he had beginning stages of nose cancer. He was prescribed a Chinese herb to stop the nose bleeds but overtime his beautiful face began to deform with swelling around his nose and eye areas which confirmed the cancer prognosis. We nursed him until his final breath on August 5, 2016.

My husband and I did as much as we could to make his life more comfortable, enjoyable and fun for him. This may have led to Teddy outliving the vet’s three month prediction to live. He was a trooper until his last day with us.

There is nothing comparable to a dog’s unconditional love. We miss him every day hoping he’d greet us at the gate when we come home. The memories of his majestic beauty, sweetness, intuitive healing, warming presence and puppy like excitement when it was time to eat are all sorrowfully missed but held firmly in our hearts.

I leave you with this sweet poem included in a sympathy card from my best friend Danta Sabatino who graciously donated to Animal Rescue in Teddy’s name.

Heaven got a Star today
And earth seems somehow dim…
On angel’s wings you went to God
And leapt, four footed to him !

Wait for me, my dearest
Though you’re gone I’m not alone…
You’ve left pictures in my memory
And paw prints on my soul !

– Author Unknown

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